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  Now, BPEG has two research institute for the technology research and products development and designing,one is Power Electric Research Institute(PERI) and the other is Electric Power Machinery Research Institute(EPMRI)。

Power Electric Research Institute(PERI)

Power Electric Research Institute, Beijing Power Equipment Group (BPEG) is specialized in design, research and develop all kinds of dry-type air-core reactor. It has successfully designed 800kV high-capacity synthetic circuit reactor bank for XIHARI, the first domestic low-noise filter reactor, 110kV 80000kVA high-capacity shunt reactor, high-current synthetic circuit reactor for Spain high-voltage laboratory,±500kV 1380A EHVDC dry-type air-core smoothing reactor and ±800kV 4497A UHVDC dry-type air-core smoothing reactor and so on. All of the products are designed and manufactured by BPEG, and BPEG has the whole intellectual property rights for them.
At present, the voltage level of the product is from low voltage to medium voltage, even to high voltage. Based on it, our products have covered the full range of the various series. With its unique characteristics of construction, low cost and maintenance-free, dry-type air-core reactor is widely used in electric power industry, especially applied in HVDC transmission system, which sets up the foundation for dry-type air-core reactor to promote pioneer market.

Electric Power Machinery Research Institute(EPMRI)

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